Innovative radiant heating for new vessels and for the modernisation of existing marine vessels.

Pleasant healthy heat from the ceiling, wall and floor creates a healthy atmosphere in any room. DiscrHEAT radiant heating systems are extremely energy-efficient and sustainable thanks to low investment and operating costs.

Aesthetic, discrete, space saving and energy efficient – what more could you ask for?

The base nano-material also works very efficiently on its raw state on 36 V DC. As an extremely thin material it is flexible, easily concealed and can be used in pipe work and ducting as the perforated design of the material does not prevent airflow.

Our system is based on safety extra low voltage in the heating film, controlled by variable thermostats. In combination with renewable energy sources like Photovoltaics.

A sustainable alternative to fossil-fuel heating systems that has a bright future.

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Due to the material being so thin and versatile – it gives us the ability to create bespoke heating elements and innovative screening solutions to facilitate almost any design. This means you can tailor our heating materials around your design rather than design around your heating. Also you can ensure your future clients/guests will be safe from harmful EMC radiations with our screening materials.

- Mark Lindsay, Managing Director

Our Services


Innovative radiant heating for new vessels and existing vessels.


We supply fleece based Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) screening materials.

Individual Solutions

We can offer virtually any design of screening gasket to suit virtually any requirement.