Individual Solutions

  • Room Screening/Shielding
  • Cable Screening
  • EMC Absorption (Generators)

Raw Material

S2 and S5 fleece is available with a maximum width of 1,400 mm (standard width 1,000 mm) by up to 100 meters in length. Material has good levels of resistance to attack by solvents. Resistance to weather and damage by liquid and petroleum products is excellent.

Bespoke Gaskets

We can offer virtually any design of gasket to suit virtually any requirement

Cable Shielding

Ready to use sheaths to slide over cables in a retro fit application or as part of the initial manufacture of cables/looms.

EMC Tape

Again ideal for screening cables which are ‘in situ’ and for completing installation of our cable sheaths.

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Due to the material being so thin and versatile – it gives us the ability to create bespoke heating elements and innovative screening solutions to facilitate almost any design. This means you can tailor our heating materials around your design rather than design around your heating. Also you can ensure your future clients/guests will be safe from harmful EMC radiations.

- Mark Lindsay, Managing Director

Our Services


Innovative radiant heating for new vessels and existing vessels.


We supply fleece based Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) screening materials.

Individual Solutions

We can offer virtually any design of screening gasket to suit virtually any requirement.