Launch Of Our New Product Range

Here at TLC solutions we have been very excited to launch our new product range into the marine industry. From our lightweight, 36 V DC, low surface temperature, energy efficient heating to our revolutionary screening materials we are on a road to change the norm.

A report from 2014 from the Professional Yachting Association detailed the health issues from Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF); which are emitted from generators and subsequent cabling. After reading this document our Managing Director – (Mark Lindsay) sought a solution to prevent this being an issue in the future. We now have a solution, which will be launched into the market during 2015 with our partners in the cable and generator manufacturing industries. Our materials are lightweight, flexible and can screen/absorb up to 4GHz frequencies.

We are currently carrying out tests with a market leader in the world of generators to bring to market a bespoke resolution which can either deliver an after market solution or be part of the manufacturing process. This will enable technicians to maintain generators in situ for longer periods of time and allow areas once deemed a ‘no-go’ area on a vessel, due to people feeling sick or getting headaches, to a EMF free zone.

If you would like any information on our products please email us or fill in the contact form.

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Innovative radiant heating for new vessels and existing vessels.


We supply fleece based Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) screening materials.

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We can offer virtually any design of screening gasket to suit virtually any requirement.